Discover 4 outdoor wedding rain solutions and how to be ready for anything!

We know: nobody wants rain on their parade. But as human beings, we can’t control the weather and it might happen that you get rain on your wedding day. Especially if you are getting married during the rainy season in Costa Rica, which goes from May to November.

Despite its bad name, the rainy season is really not as terrible as it seems. You usually get a short storm during the afternoon (if that), but it doesn’t rain all day. Vegetation is greener than ever, waterfalls and rivers accumulate more water, places are less crowded and prices are lower.

Here we give you some tips you should consider if you decide to say “I do” during the rainy season:

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1. Have a plan B

Even if you are going for an outdoor wedding, you need to make sure that the venue has a protected space, either a big enough room or a tent. That way, you know you and your guests are going to be sheltered no matter what, rain or shine.

2. Buy umbrellas and other accessories

Getting cute umbrellas and colorful rain boots for you and your wedding party can give a cool unique style to your special day and they are fun elements to play with for your wedding photos.

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3. Stay positive

According to many wedding superstitions, rain is a good sign! In some cultures, having a rainy wedding is considered good luck, symbolizing fertility, cleansing, and lasting marriage.

4. Get ready for some special photos

The mist and the soft light of a rainy day give wedding photos a romantic touch that couldn’t be recreated on a sunny day. Landscapes look greener and waterfalls, more powerful. Plus, sunsets in Costa Rica are gorgeous after a storm! And who knows, you might be lucky enough to capture a rainbow in the background.

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Now that you know how to be ready for a possible storm on your wedding day, you can go ahead and start enjoying your planning without stress!

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