Costa Rica Family Photographer: A Timeless Family Investment Through Professional Photoshoots

Mariana Baisotti
Mariana Baisotti, Costa Rica Family Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer for your time in Costa Rica is a fantastic idea to capture and preserve the best memories. As a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of having high-quality images that reflect the beauty and essence of your experiences. 

Finding the best Costa Rica family photographer

I’m a professional Costa Rica Family photographer. I offer personalized and friendly photography services, ensuring that your memories are captured in a way that resonates with your unique story. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, I strive to provide images that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

My joy is to please every customer with their expectations, like a beautiful mom to be said…”Mariana was an absolute JOY to work with!  She is incredibly sweet, accommodating, and SUPER talented!  She was quick to respond from my initial email contact, and consistently kept in touch.

My photography services are not just about taking pictures; they’re about creating a visual narrative that tells your story authentically. Trust is a key element in any photographer-client relationship, and I am dedicated to building that trust through open communication, reliability, and a passion for creating stunning visual memories.

Family photo by a Costa Rica family photographer
Family photography by a professional photographer in Costa Rica

Tips for your Family Photographs at Costa Rica

Here are some tips to considerate:

Choose the Right Time:

Opt for early morning or late afternoon to get the soft, golden sunlight, which is flattering for photos.
Avoid midday when the sun is too harsh, causing harsh shadows and squinting.


Wardrobe Coordination:

Choose coordinating colors rather than matching outfits for a more natural look.

Consider the beach environment and choose light, breathable fabrics.


Embrace the Environment:

Be open to playful activities like building sandcastles or splashing in the water.

Capture candid moments of the family enjoying their time together.


Mind the Tides:

Check the tide schedule to ensure you have enough beach space for your shoot.

Be mindful of the water’s edge to avoid getting wet unexpectedly.



Remind to apply sunscreen beforehand to prevent sunburns.

Bring some for touch-ups during the shoot if needed.


Flexible Planning:

Be prepared to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Have a backup plan or reschedule if necessary.



Keep an open line of communication, addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the style and mood of the photoshoot.


kids play beach family photography
Morning sunlight family photo

Investments when hiring a family photographer

The amount you should invest in photography services can depend on various factors:


Travel Fees:

If your location require travel, it’s important to factor in travel fees. This includes transportation costs, accommodation if necessary, and any additional expenses incurred during the travel. 


Quantity of Images:

The number of images requested can also influence the overall cost. 


Additional Services:

If clients require extra services such as photo retouching, album creation, or expedited delivery.


Expertise and Reputation:

Experience, expertise, and reputation in the industry can also influence the pricing. A strong portfolio and positive reviews, are a part of a premium service of any Costa Rica family photographer.

costa rica beach family photo by a Costa Rica Family Photographer
Costa Rica family photo at the beach

Testimonials from families and photoshoots

As a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I understand the significance of building meaningful connections. In the realm of personal and financial investments, finding someone who not only meets your needs but also fosters a sense of familial connection ensures a partnership that goes the extra mile

family at beach costa rica photo
Family Photoshoot

Here are some of reviews that happy customers wrote about me:


Kelsey Cadger

I don’t even know where to begin! We did a family photoshoot with Mariana in Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and I can’t say enough good things about Mariana, her photography, and our experience. She is beyond amazing, and we are forever grateful for her warmth, kindness, passion, and incredible talent. Mariana instantly made us feel comfortable and at ease. We were able to relax and really enjoy ourselves while she perfectly captured beautiful, authentic moments of our family. Our two little kids (ages 4 and 5) had the BEST time with her, and it shows in all the incredible photos. Mariana has an exceptional eye for capturing those unique moments that make a family photoshoot so special.

I cannot recommend Mariana enough! She exceeded all expectations, and then some. Mariana went above and beyond to make the experience memorable and enjoyable, and the photos speak for themselves – they are truly stunning! We can’t wait to book her again for our next trip back to Costa Rica. Thank you, Mariana! We will cherish these photos forever.


Elaina Henning

Mariana is amazing! She did our surprise engagement photo shoot in Tamarindo. She suggested the perfect location, it was gorgeous. She was on time, helpful, kind, and the pictures turned out beautiful. We are so thrilled with her and 10/10 would recommend hiring her.


Rachel Lee

Mariana is a true professional.  She responded to inquiries quickly, and arrived for our photo session prepared and on-time.  There were 14 family members present for our photo session!  Magically, Mariana made sure to capture all combinations of the group (which is incredible!). Our family loves our portraits. Thank you, Mariana!


Miquela Redwood

Mariana is simply amazing! It’s really hard to describe how amazing she is as a person and at her craft. We connected instantly. From the time we started communicating via email I knew she was the best fit for us. My boyfriend and I are camera shy but you could not tell in our pictures. She made our photo shoot in Costa Rica so easy! She selected the perfect location for sunset pictures. You can tell she LOVES photography. I am already looking to hire her for any of our future events and engagements. Hands down the BEST photographer I’ve ever worked with!!!!


Kim Anh Chestnut

My fiance and I were visiting Costa Rica and wanted to look into having our engagement photos taken there. After some research, we luckily found Mariana. She was amazing from the get-go. She was extremely responsive, professional, and thorough. She took the time to ensure that our visions were aligned. And she definitely delivered. She knew exactly where to go, how to pose us, and what lighting/backdrop was best to get the photos that we wanted. Needless to say, we were extremely happy with how the photos turned out. We would definitely recommend Mariana to anyone looking to have gorgeous photos taken in paradise. 🙂

You can find more reviews of my clients in Google!

family photography at costa rica
Costa Rica Family Photo

FAQs about a Costa Rica family photographer

  • How many pictures do you deliver?
    As usual for Costa Rica family photographers, I deliver between 60-80 images per hour. If there are more that I love, I’ll be sure to share them with you! Nothing brings me more joy than providing you with a variety of photos to choose from.

  • Do you edit all the images?
    Yes! I meticulously edit each image, focusing on color correction, removing people in the background, and giving them a natural and candid tone.

  • How are the images delivered?

I will send you a personal link where you can download and share them with anybody! All the pictures are in high resolution, allowing you to print or create an album with the best quality.

  • Do you offer other services?

Absolutely! I provide drone photo and video services, adding a stunning aerial perspective to your vacation memories in beautiful Costa Rica. Additionally, I collaborate with a picnic company, offering the opportunity to arrange a delightful picnic after your photoshoot while you enjoy the sunset!

costa rica beach family photo by a Costa Rica Family Photographer
From a Costa Rica family photographer's portfolio.