A little bit about me…

Hola! Pura Vida, my name is Mariana…

I’m a photographer from Argentina, although I’ve lived around the world since I finished college. Now, it’s been seven years since I moved to Costa Rica, and I have been enjoying every minute of this paradise.

In pre-pandemic times, my main activity was doing photos at weddings, elopements, engagement sessions, surprise proposals, couples, solo traveler, and family photo shoots. At this point, I’ve immortalized hundreds of special moments. So much love and joy! I feel fortunate for being able to catch those emotions and make them into ever-lasting memories.

In many of these wonderful times, my dog, Lobito, thinks he’s the protagonist and poses for the camera, not always in fluttering ways… All I know is that he adds fun and laughter to my sessions, which are reflected in spontaneous smiles for the camera. Thank you, Lobito!

mar 3701
Lobito in from of the camera, the couple having a blast behind
Lobito, bathroom time just there
mbm 1172
Lobito, a happy dog

Like the majority of the world, I had to diversify my activities with the Covid pandemic, that as we all know, affected tourism and other activities in every country. That’s why my partner and I created Pez Gallo, a design studio where I work as an advertising photographer. Helping businesses thrive even in difficult times has been a very rewarding journey! 

dsc04757 1
Family Coffee Project in Monteverde
mbm 5683 1
Homemade Pizza and tons of anecdotes in Monteverde
dsc05636 1
Amazing mixology at El Silencio in Bajos del Toro Amarillo

I would also like to share with you a project that I’m very passionate about: every year I travel to India with a foundation that helps to build schools for the Dalit, the lowest caste in India, also known as “untouchable”. We bring donations such as books, medicines, and clothes. Being a volunteer for this foundation has been a constant learning path. The Dalit have almost nothing, but they are still very happy. It really changes your perspective on life. It would be fair to say that they help me as much or even more than I help them. I encourage everybody to give something back: you will receive double.

mar 8348
mar 6638 2
mar 7563 2

India taught me that you can be happy with anything. Of course, it is a country with needs, but they are still able to find abundance. Most of the people from the small village we visit don’t speak English, and we don’t speak Hindi. Nonetheless, we are able to communicate without difficulty: the love I can perceive is unique and makes me very grateful. You learn from everybody, from kids to adults. I wait anxiously every year to go back with Made in Tarifa Foundation

Thank you for reading this post to know me better, I will be more than glad to know you as well! Pura vida, Mariana.

"I don’t even know where to begin."

I don’t even know where to begin.. I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled upon Sharing Life Photography. From the start, Mariana has been gracious, attentive and personable.”
– Claire Stephenson
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wedding photoshoot guanacaste 045
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