8 tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming. Wedding photos will be your forever memories of that special day and you want them to be perfect, right?

Worry no more! Here we bring you 8 tips for choosing your wedding photographer:

1- Check out their portfolios

This will be the first impression you get from your wedding photographer. There are different styles when it comes to wedding photography, and you should make sure it matches what you want.

2- Have an interview

Any good professional wedding photographer will offer to have a conversation with you before the wedding. This will be useful for you to know if your personalities click (ha!), and to ask all the questions you need. The photographer also gets valuable information from this: what you want, what you expect, and how the photoshoot should be handled.

3- Make sure they have professional equipment

There are quite a bit of technical details when it comes to wedding photos. Your wedding photographer should have all the equipment necessary for the results you expect.

4- Clear communication

Messages have to flow like a river and they have to be accurate, to the point. There is no place for ambiguity in business, let alone your wedding!

5- Get tips and advice

Choose a photographer that knows the place you’re going to get married at and is willing to give you tips and advice. I mean… these people have worked hundreds of weddings! A good wedding photographer will be your advisor, even recommending local vendors like a wedding planner, and will do a constant follow-up: from the first interview until your wedding photos are in your hand (or laptop).

6- They guide you

Getting natural and spontaneous wedding photos is an art. Make sure your wedding photographer can be like a fly on the wall at times but also guide you to pose for the perfect picture. Are you shy? Are you scared of looking awkward? A good wedding photographer should be able to deal with that and get the best of you without stress.

7- Fair prices

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there. Make sure that the cost matches the equipment they have, their experience, and the package they offer you.

8- They are fun

Never forget that your wedding is about love and having the time of your life. Make sure your wedding photographer is fun, fearless, and easy-going. All those smiles will come out without even saying “cheese!”.

Are you getting married in Costa Rica and need a photographer that fits all these tips? Contact us! We are what you are looking for. 

"I don’t even know where to begin."

I don’t even know where to begin.. I am so incredibly grateful to have stumbled upon Sharing Life Photography. From the start, Mariana has been gracious, attentive and personable.”
– Claire Stephenson
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