10 reasons why you should choose Costa Rica for your destination wedding

Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for weddings. Big, small, fancy, or rustic, this country has all that you need for your special day.

Here we give you 10 reasons for choosing Costa Rica for your destination wedding:

1- The landscape

Well, this is the obvious one, right? Costa Rica is a natural paradise, full of amazing beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and exotic animals. This makes it the perfect place for the wedding of your dreams.

2- Great venues and vendors

One of the main sources of income for this country is tourism and therefore, it’s very well prepared for the wedding industry. You can have a Costa Rica beach wedding, a garden wedding, or choose the mountains, the rainforest, the cloud forest, a waterfall, or the bottom of a volcano. It can be a micro intimate wedding or a huge one. Even an elopement wedding! No matter where or what, you’ll find amazing venues, from big “all-inclusive” resorts to small boutique hotels, and professional vendors like wedding planners and photographers ready to provide the service you expect.

3- The wedding certificate is valid in your home country

Costa Rica has a pretty straightforward system for getting married. You don’t have to spend a minimum of time here before your wedding or have your documents translated. You can get married on the same day you arrive if you want to!

4- English is widely spoken

Although Costa Rica’s official language is Spanish, this country is very used to receiving Americans and other English-speaking tourists (let alone the community of expats that live here!). You won’t have problems communicating.

5- Save money

Costa Rica can be quite cost-effective compared to the US or Canada. Sure, it will depend on the kind of wedding you want, and there are many packages to choose from, but the price will be cheaper overall!

6- The weather

The tropical climate here is a blessing. January, February, March, April, and late November through early December are the drier months, so it’s the best time to marry in Costa Rica, although it’s a magical place all year round.

7- You’re a short flight away

It only takes a few hours on a plane from the US or Canada to land in this paradise!

8- Costa Rica is officially the happiest country on earth

According to the Happy Planet Index, it deserves first place in the ranking due to its biodiversity, low pollution, education, democracy, and its resident’s level of wellbeing (higher than in places like the US or the UK).  

9- You can start your honeymoon right after your wedding

Why fly somewhere else when you are in heaven already? There are so many places to visit here, reachable with a short car drive… Explore Costa Rica on your honeymoon, you won’t regret it!

10- Amazing wedding photographers

As we said above, Costa Rica is well prepared for the wedding industry. This includes great local English-speaking photographers that know all the secrets and tricks for you to have the most beautiful wedding photos. Count on us for this service!

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